managed care mag

Managed Care magazine

Who Pays to Care for the Seriously Ill? Maybe It’s Insurance Companies  January 2018

Fee for Service is Dead. Long Live Fee for Service?  September 2017

California Dreamin’, But Will It Stay That Way? July 2017

Care Coordination: More Keystone Kops than Coordinated  June 2017

Door is Open for HRAs to Make a Comeback  March 2017

Need for Desire Drugs Debated  February 2017

A Health Care Consumer Gender Gap  August 2016

It’s a Jungle Out There: The New Health Insurance Ecosystem  March 2016

Untangling the HIE Mess  January 2016

A High-Stakes Match Game To Keep Patient Identities Straight  January 2016

For Narrow Networks, Fresh Scrutiny: Can They Pass the Adequacy Test?  September 2015

Bundled Payments: Value in Bite Sizes  August 2015

HSAs Surge, Leaving HRAs in a Niche  July 2015


Annals of Emergency Medicine

EpiPen Controversy Reveals Complexity Behind Drug Price Tags  January 2017

California funding gives small boost to firearms research: Physicians ponder how to reduce gun violence risk for their patients  October 2016

Emergency physicians among specialties seeking a part of telemedicine pie  September 2016

Amid finger-pointing for an overdose epidemic, emergency physicians seek pain control alternatives  August 2016

Shooting episodes prompt cooperation between EMS and police, with an assist from emergency medicine  May 2016

Emergency physicians seek their place in a pay-for-value world  April 2016

Claims data study casts doubt on value of out-of-hospital advanced life support: EMS community gives spirited rebuttal  March 2016

Mass Tort Ads: Sowing confusion or education potential victims?  January 2016

IT in the ED: Emergency Physicians Explore Their Inner Geeks  December 2015

Controversy surrounds nurse-administered emergency physician-supervised sedation in the Emergency Department  September 2015

Fraudsters strike peer review: Stolen passwords, fake reviews threaten biomedical literature  April 2015

EMS and Information Sharing: Challenges and Innovations in Getting Patient Data From the Ambulance to the Emergency Department and Back  August 2014

Behavioral Health Data in the Electronic Health Record: Privacy Concerns Slow Sharing  October 2013

Social Media and Physician Learning  November 2013

Automated External Defibrillation Regulations Threaten Wider Use  December 2012

modern healthcare

Modern Healthcare

As local cancer centers grow, hospitals look for ways to advertise their superiority  November 2015

Healthcare marketers reshape ad strategies  October 2015


Los Angeles Times Health Section

Patient, Protect Thyself  January 2008

health insurance

Health Insurance Options for Elderly Recent Immigrants to the U.S.



An American Hospital Association magazine for hospital trustees

How Can Small Hospitals Survive?  2009
This article won a second place award for trade publications in the 2009 Association of Health Care Journalists contest


East Bay Express

Up and Down with OAK  April 2010


Local News Coverage

Alameda Patch, East Bay Express, Alameda Journal

Covered politics, features, weekly first-person parenting column; freelance, 2004 to 2012

Las Vegas Review-Journal, San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune

Health and medicine, politics and environment coverage; full-time reporter, 1990 to 1996